New e-book forthcoming!


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  1. A social history of archives, as presented in this book, deals with the influence of societal challenges, patterns and norms on archiving practices and vice versa: archiving that conditions or facilitates social practices. In exploring past archiving practices, the book tries to answer the question: what did archiving people do in the Netherlands and why did they do it in different domains. These domains are each dealt with in a separate chapter: archiving of people, by churches, states, cities, polders and marks, archiving of real estate, trade and industry, of money, of court cases, in the VOC, technologies of archiving and the professionalization of the archivist. In the final chapter I try to answer the question to what extent these archiving practices were typically Dutch. In each chapter practices of archiving through time (from the Romans until today) and from different parts of the Netherlands are presented.


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